This is the tumblr of Lily Winterwood, a high-functioning Watson (typology ISFJ). Her Sherlock is here. Dirty-minded demisexual liberal atheist woman of colour. Can be found either in California or Massachusetts.

PPC Boarder, Trekkie, Fanbot, Sherlockian, Elementapeep, Whovian, Fannibal, Sleepyhead, Potterhead, Ringer, amid other various fandoms.

Hates Mary Sues with a fiery passion and rants about them regularly. Analyses fanfiction from a feminist perspective.

Follow me if you’d like; I don’t bite. Header quote from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

are you out of your vulcan mind?

Knowing I want you
Knowing I love you
Cannot compare
With my despair
Knowing I’ve lost you (x)