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sadademort, this is my pitiful attempt at english lyrics for ai to shi no rondo. it’s still a draft, especially since lyrics are not my strong point.

I have brought you here
Welcome to the Underworld
You must not fear –

(The Underworld? Take me back!)

Caught in her burning gaze, my heart beats like a drum
One look and I am left defenceless
With a single breath she melts my frozen heart
And takes it, leaving me here breathless

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seriously someone who can speak japanese should definitely get me singable english lyrics of “ai to shi no rondo”, because i would sing that in a heartbeat.

and in case people remind me that i’ve already done “kein kommen ohne gehen”, i’d like to remind them that ai to shi 1) came first and 2) has several different lyrics and 3) is a tod solo.

-bats eyelashes- pretty please?

this site has the lyrics + translation, you could probs use the english translation to poetify some singable lyrics

tbh i’ve thought about making singable english lyrics from this translation (or from the TIP subs or the youtube subs, whichever translation I like more XD)

it would work except for the fact that the translator specifically said not to retranslate the thing, though i’m not sure if making a singably english version counts as retranslating. i mean, from a glance there’s definitely going to be major overhauls to the english translation just to make it fit the rhythm…

ah yeah, true, rewriting to make a singable version might fall under ‘retranslating’. i could transcribe the subs from that 2009 version that used to be subbed up on youtube for you to work from if you want (an excuse to watch Asako and Kacha? Yes pls.) I think TIP forbids having their subs up so I can’t transcribe those.

the trip up is that no matter what, once you’ve read it you can’t unread it, yanno? or maybe that’s just me XD

the third option is if nobody who speaks Japanese can rewrite a singable English version just start plugging and chugging the lyrics into google translate and play with what it gives you

that would be cool; i’ll take a stab at it but like i said, i sometimes forget that lyrics need to rhyme occasionally.

i mean, it’s inevitable we’re going to end up with the same sentiment as what is conveyed in the already-translated stuff, so like, there’s no way it’s not going to be similar to what’s already out there.

worst case scenario you get three minutes of me repeating “she makes my kokoro go doki doki why is this mortal doing this i am death this needs to stop” in a very low voice, set to music.

ok this is from apolloniajames’ subs that were on youtube many moons ago with the romanized next to it

you are in the Underworld (Ima wa koso yomi no sekai e)
I have brought you here (Mukae yo)

(The Underworld? Take me back!)

Those eyes — they burn my heart (Sono hitomi ga mune o kogashi)
Her gaze pierces me like a blade (Manazashiga tsukisasaru)
She need only breathe, and I am captured (Ikisae mo ore o torae)
As though my frozen heart were melting (Kotta kokoro tokasu)

She’s only a girl (Tada no shoujo no hazu na no ni)
And yet the entirety of me is crumbling away (Ore no subete ga kuzureru)
Only one solitary human (Tatta hitori no ningen na no ni)
And yet I tremble (Ore o furue saseru)

Rather than stealing you away (Omae no inochi ubau kawari)
You will live in the shadow of my love (Ikita omae ni aisaretai n da)
But since this romance is forbidden (Kinjirareta ai no tabu ni)
I’ll take the first step (Ore wa ima fumidasu)

Something has sprouted within my heart (Kokoro ni mebaeta kono omoi)
And it’s been tattooed on my body (Karada ni kizamarete)
This wound — the new blood that spills from it (Aoi chi o nagasu kizuguchi wa)
Only your hands can heal it (Omae dake ga iyaseru)

Now I return you to your life (Kaeshite yarou sono inochi o)
And this time, forget me completely (Sono toki omae wa ore o wasure saru)
And until I’ve won your love (Omae no ai o kachi uru made)
I will follow you… (Oikake you)

And no matter where you go, I will be close behind you (Doko made mo oikakete yukou)
Forever, a dance between love and death (Ai to shi no rondo)

thank you!

and seriously if anyone else wants to either help me out or try their hand at it, it’d be greatly appreciated!

intelligentairhead asked:
I love you

/wraps in a blanket and squeezes

What if women had minstrel cycles instead of menstrual cycles? You’d just have a guy with a lute follow you around for a week every month and play you songs constantly?

-My boyfriend (via thecarrionlibrarian)

Dear god, that would be EVEN WORSE.

(via lcn71)


Made a shirt based on what many people have told me in past years!
Get the shirt here. Choose from six colours. $14 for the first 72 hours. After that, it’s $20, so buy it ASAP if you want to express your shame!


Made a shirt based on what many people have told me in past years!

Get the shirt here. Choose from six colours. $14 for the first 72 hours. After that, it’s $20, so buy it ASAP if you want to express your shame!


cute date idea: let me sleep in your bed for hours on end because I’m tired of being a person